Tuesday, January 3, 2017

hello 2017...and the best of 2016!

Happy New Year friends!!!!!!

We rang in the new year with my family including my 95 year old grandpa! It was quite special and one I will remember for a looooong time 😊 I have tons of pictures from the trip I need to get off my camera and edit so a longer post about that is coming.

2016 was a fabulous year for our family...maybe the best one yet?! I saw on social media how so many people hated 2016 and honestly it made me feel sad. I know a lot has to do with celebrities dying and the presidential election but honestly I am never ever going to let that stuff dictate my life. We were healthy, happy, had food in the fridge, a roof over our head, lots of love between us, therefore 2016 was a success 👍

I am so excited about 2017 though. I absolutely love a new year! Something about starting fresh and getting another chance at another year to make your dreams come true just excites me. This year my word for the year is


Last year there were way too many times I found myself insanely overwhelmed. This year I am going to simplify my life, take things a little slower and just really enjoy the days. I look back on 2016 and it flew by! I feel like were just celebrating that new year yet here we are a year later. Was it a great year...absolutely! But it went too fast and it's because I was too busy and a large majority of the year life felt very hectic. So I am super looking forward to simplifying everything. 

Now looking back one last time here's the best of 2016!
I do these mostly for myself but I hope you enjoy 😊

ringing in the new year in Taos

Aiden turning 10 & our Valentine's Date



Asher turning 9 and celebrating Aiden's perfect attendance!

Dance Recital, California trip & Beach trip

Big Grandpa turning 95!

Back to School 

Milly turning 4!

California family trip & Halloween

Sea World & Thanksgiving


Hope everyone has a very blessed 2017!!!!!!


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