Saturday, August 1, 2015

adventures in potty training

Because Milly is quickly approaching her 3 year old birthday I figured I might as well potty train her...right?! ;)

If it were up to me I would probably wait until she just taught herself because I really really really despise potty training...well that along with sleep training. Both are just torturous in my book.

But back to potty training, as with the boys I knew I was going to do the 3 day potty training with her. I'm not all about dragging it out. Let's get the panties or as she calls them "ponies" on and go. So we started Tuesday.

And Tuesday was AWFUL! So much worse then I could have imagined. I felt completely defeated at the end of the day. Then came Wednesday.

And Wednesday was amazing! No accidents! I was shocked, excited, happy and relieved to know that all the pain and anguish (;)) of Tuesday had paid off. We went to bed feeling on a high. Then Thursday came.

And she completely forgot's as if it never happened and we were starting all over. <insert gun to head> 

The end of Thursday she seemed back on track, Friday was better. No accidents but a lot of drama on the little potty ;) And here we are at Saturday and she is secretly laughing at me that I thought I could train her in 3 days. Jokes on me ;)
however I must add we have not had an accident since Thursday

My favorite part of all this is how everyone went on and on about how easy girls were to potty train. Actually in general all I've ever heard is how easy girls are. My little Milly is out to prove every.single. person wrong. I'm guessing that's her mission in life. My boys overall in every department have been a million times easier then her. 

I guess she knows that no matter what she puts me through she will always be my #1 little lady friend and I just absolutely adore her :)

potty trained or not ;)


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