Thursday, July 9, 2015

south padre island 2015

Every (almost) year our family takes a big beach trip together. My parents rent the same condo every year and we all stay together. It's pretty great. This year the condo was rented so for the first time we rented a house which was beautiful! Plus it had it's own pool which was awesome. We had to best time and added lots of new adventures to our list. 

my mom and Milly

Aiden is our beach lover. We laugh because the first time we took him he was only 15 months old. He ran straight in to the ocean, got knocked over by the waves and jumped right up with a smile. He's been the only grandkid that loves the beach as much as his grandpa :)

Milly was so super cute! She loved it alot more then we were all expecting. 

Paddle ball become the game of the week. I think Elliot (my brother) was the champ.

Milly loved watching her brother's boogie board. Almost as much as loved doing it! And we had the perfect waves.

One night we were there we decided to head over to this little fun park. They had go carts, mini golf, rock climbing and bungee jumping things. The kids and I played mini golf while Cam, my Dad and Brandon (brother in law) did some sort of flying thing. They are crazy! Ha!

Then we saw a gorgeous fireworks show right above us! The kids were thrilled!
One morning we rented a giant golf cart, all hopped in and cruised around the island. It was so fun!

Friday of the trip Cameron, my Dad and Aiden went deep sea fishing. They were SO excited however Aiden and Cam were sick on the boat. Aiden was VERY sick...he threw up 5 times. Poor thing. Despite being sick they still had fun and caught a bunch of fish.

A few years back we took a family pic on the beach and it turned out great! This year we tried another one and it was awful! It was too sunny and my camera was all fogged up from the beach. So we ended up taking one with a phone and it's just not great quality at all. Oh well;)

At least our clothes looked cute! Ha! On the last day we opted for a group pic in the water and it's much cuter :)

Overall the trip was really fun! Milly did much better in the car then we could have ever imagined and the boys...well they are quite the little travelers. See ya next year South Padre!