Friday, July 17, 2015

home stretch

I can't even believe I'm typing this but we are in the home stretch of summer. Seriously didn't it just start??!! We only have 3 weeks of summer left until school starts so in an effort to get many things checked off our "to do list" we have been busy!

The kids and I along with Emily and Alexi headed to Austin last Thursday to play at Zilker Park and swim at Barton Springs. I love how you plan things in your head and they are perfect...magical almost. Then reality hits and it's a small disaster ;) That's how this trip was!

Playing at the park and riding the train were super fun! Milly loved the train so much she almost fell asleep.

Now comes the interesting part. 

Barton Springs is a famous spring fed pool in Austin that stays 68 degrees year round. It's really freaking cold! Ha! My kids have never been so I thought it would be fun taking them. Well, Thursdays it's closed for cleaning. The good news is right outside the pool it drains into a small river where you can swim anytime and it's the same kind of feeling.

Or so we thought...

While I absolutely love Austin there are times I find myself thinking umm what in the world is going on when I am participating in an Austiny activity. Most of the people there were "normal" however there were more then a few not so "normal" people hovering around. As in homeless people and people that looked like they needed a new "extra curricular" activity (if you know what I mean) ;) Plus we were not all all prepared for the crazy amount of dogs swimming around. I'm not really a dog person so I was mildly freaked out. But it wasn't just any dog it was the large amount of pit bulls swimming not too far from my kids. While I know there are pit bull advocates out there I'm sorry but I don't really want them anywhere around my kids. So the kids swam and had fun and Emily and I nervously watched for about 20 minutes before we just couldn't take it anymore. We left there laughing about how crazy the whole thing was ;)

On a much calmer and more normal note...last weekend we went to see The Minions Movie as a family. Milly has been dying to see this movie since we saw a preview last summer! She loves the Minions and tells everyone Bob is her boyfriend ;)

before the movie we hit up the arcade where Cam won these stuffed animals for the boys. You would have thought they hit the jackpot as excited as they were. My kids really get excited about anything...I hope that never changes :)

It was a super cute movie and everyone enjoyed. Milly has been telling Cameron thank you for taking her since we went. She is SO cute! 

We have 8 more things on the list to get done in the next 3 weeks! Summer school is going great and the boys only have 10 more days before they are done! Woo hoo!!!! It's been a painless process which has been awesome. I'm hoping that it has all paid off and when school starts they are right on track!

Happy Weekend!!!!!


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