Tuesday, July 28, 2015

girls just wanna have fun

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking a fun overnight shopping trip with a few of my fav girls! 2 of them had birthdays and 1 was the big 4-0 so a night away with friends was a must. When planning the trip we decided that a shopping weekend in Waco was the way to go. Most of us watch Fixer Upper and have been dying to hit up the stores in the show and a few others in the area. We had an absolute blast! Lots of fun and funky things were bought and oh man there were sooooo many laughs. I am still laughing about things from the weekend ;)

Common Grounds coffee shop from Fixer Upper

Magnolia Market!  from Fixer Upper as well

Umm yeah we bought a few things ;)

One of the houses from the show. I was trying not to be too stalkerish and only took a side photo ;)

After I came home and got settled back in I sat and thought about how truly lucky I am to have such great friends. I never really realized how important it is to have close friends at this time in our lives when being a mother can literally take over. It's nice to unwind and just be a woman surrounded by her friends speaking from her heart, laughing and just plain having fun :)


  1. Our weekend was just perfect! Thank you for "getting" me. I wouldn't make it through this crazy life without you! Love you, sweet friend!

    1. "getting" each other is a treasure to me :) Love you!

  2. Love the blog post and friendship quotes! It was such a fun-filled weekend. Long live El George! 😂

    1. El George could still be alive in that fridge ;)