Monday, July 6, 2015

DIY tie dye shirts

Every year I make the kids a tie dye shirt (of dress for Sissy) for 4th of July. This year she had a super cute hand-me-down dress so I just made the boys shirts. It's so fun and super easy and they absolutely love them! 

Things you need:
White shirts
Tie dye kit (I bought mine on clearance at Michaels but I've also seen them at Target)
Big Ziploc bags. Have 1 for each shirt
Big bowl

Step 1:
 Open up kit and lay out supplies and get shirts wet and then wring out until damp. Lay on table.

Step 2:
I always make my shirts with the swirl pattern. So for the swirl pattern start in the middle of the shirt and just twist it.
After you are done twisting it should look like the one on the right.

Step 3:
Get out the rubber bands in the kit and just start putting them around the shirt to secure it.
This does not have to be perfect. The purpose is to hold the shirt together and give you sections to put the color on.

Step 4:
Start coloring! You will need to fill the bottles with water to mix the color. Always use the gloves in the kit. I didn't one year and had purple hands for about a week ;) You can color over a sink if it's stainless (that's what I did at the old house) and it always washed right out. This year because of the white sink, I colored over a large bowl and it worked great.
Once you start coloring do one color at a time per shirt. I like to put the color roughly on every other section and then in the middle. 
If you don't want to put it in the middle that's fine...the middle will be more white. Aiden always wants more blue and Asher more red so in their middle of their shirts I put blue or red to add more color.
After you are finished coloring  it should look like this

Step 5:
Place shirt in ziploc bag and seal up. 

Now this is the part where I stray from the directions. I let the shirts sit for at least 24 hours. I think the box might say 6 to 8 hours but the color never turns out right. 

Step 6: 
After you let the color sit pull out of the bag (outside) and rinse with cold water. I rinsed the shirts until no more color rinsed off. As you are rinsing wring them out to make sure all the color comes out. After you rinse, wash in the washing machine on a light cycle in cold water. Again I'm straying from the box will say hot water. I did hot water last year and our shirts were turquoise and pink. They were cute but this year I wanted red, white and blue!

Step 7:
Let air dry and then voila! Enjoy your shirts!

This is a really easy and fun way to get unique shirts for any occasion. I've made shirts for our beach trips in the past, Disney World and of course every 4th of July. Plus it's cost effective. I think I spent a total of $10 and I could have made more shirts with the box of dye. 

Happy Tie Dye'ing friends!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I want to do this soon!