Thursday, July 16, 2015

diy project: handprint stone steps

One of my fav projects to do with the kids are hand print stone steps for my flower bed. We haven't made one since Milly was born and last year I had planned on it...until we decided to sell the house and I knew as soon as we got settled in the new house we would make them. 

And I'm glad I waited. Milly was so excited about this project and placed all her little decorative stones perfectly :) She was so stinkin cute. The boys blew me away by how beautiful their stones turned out. They were also very into it and placed each decorative piece very carefully. It was so much fun and they look beautiful in my entryway flower bed. I love looking at the different ones and how much they have changed :)

Our first stone ever made 2009

Second Stones 2012

I also took it upon myself over the weekend to get some landscaping done in the front yard. It's kind of been on a stand still since we moved in and I was just done looking at my sad flowerbeds everytime I drove up to the house. So I headed to Home Depot and bought a few plants to freshen it up. Cameron is going to plant the rest of the plants this weekend for me but for now I just love how it turned out :)

All the stone supplies were bought at Michaels. This time of year is a great time to do it because all of them were on clearance. Originally the boys bigger stones were $20 but I got them for $9 and Milly's smaller stone was $16 and I got it for $6!


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