Tuesday, July 21, 2015

3 years old

I have no idea how this is happening but in a little over a month my sweet little Milly is turning 3. She is still such a baby to us...hence why she still walks around most days with a pacifier in her mouth wearing diapers...but I cannot deny the fact she is growing up.

While we don't do big birthday parties anymore I still love planning something fun and special for my littles. I use to take the boys to get their picture made every year on their birthday until they were 5...then I just let school take care of that ;) Instead of "Studio" photos with Milly I like to create a scene and take my own. 

1 year pics

2 year pics


For her 3 year birthday we are doing a Sesame Street little family party and then on her actual birthday going to Sea World (because they have a whole Sesame Street kid area). I didn't really want to do a character photo shoot so I was shopping around on Etsy and found this adorable dress and then it all came together ;)

Then shopping around some more I found these boots!

Then this fabric garland

So we are going with a country theme. We have a park kind of close that has an old barn. I'm thinking I'm going to take her out there and set up a cute little set and *keeping my fingers crossed* hopefully I can get a few good pics. She is at an AWFUL picture taking stage ;)

I'm also still shopping for a lace headband or bow. I have found a few but just not the perfect one yet.

And I must show you...while I was shopping on Old Navy for the boots I found these other shoes on sale that I had to order!

I mean hello she is my one and only girl ;)


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