Tuesday, June 2, 2015

well checks

A new tradition I started a few years ago was getting both boys well checks done at the beginning of summer. Aiden is a February baby and it never failed that a week after his well check he was sick. So I moved his to March and yet he still got sick. So with Asher a May baby we just go either the last week of May or first week of June in an effort to escape the germs.

Here are their stats:
Aiden: 9 years old
60lbs 4'7 ft tall

Asher: 8 years old
50lbs 4'3 ft tall

Well checks are a lot different now then when they were little. They are actually a lot more fun because the doctor (who we LOVE) pretty much just asks them all the questions and then looks to me to elaborate. It's pretty great.
My fav part was this story that Aiden felt was important to tell our doctor. Just want to note I almost DIED as this story was being told ;)

Aiden: "My mommy doesn't like Walmart at all!"

Dr. D: "Well I'm sure that's because it's always so crowded."

Aiden: "Oh no, it's the people that work there. She doesn't like them."

insert my oh my god he did not just say that face

Dr. D: "Oh really."

Aiden: "Well, its because this one time I had money to spend and I picked out an Angry Bird Star Wars toy because it said $20 and that's how much I had but when we got to the register the lady checking us out said it was $40 and we all said WHAT??!!"

Dr. D insert smile because he very much enjoying this peek into our life: "I can literally visualize you all saying WHAT??!!"

Aiden: "Yes! So my mom told her that it said $20 and we are not paying $40. So then we all walked all the way to the toys where my mom showed her the $20 sticker and do you know what she said?"

Dr D: "No what?"

Aiden: "She said that was yesterdays sale. And my mom was so mad and said that they had to let us have it for $20."

Dr D: "Wow this is a great story"

insert my complete embarrassment and shock that this is happening lol!

Aiden: "So then we went back to the front and guess what."

Dr D: "What?"

Aiden: "The manager came over and they only made us pay $20. And that was the last time we ever went to Walmart."

Dr. D: "Well I am so glad that turned out well for you guys. What an intense story."

My kids...they literally have no filter ;)
But they are pretty cute

especially with stickers all over their forehead ;)


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