Monday, June 1, 2015

the weekend

In our house weekends start on Friday because Cameron takes off work. So every weekend is a 3 day for us (well at least in the summer)!

So Friday we woke up and I decided to make pancakes. I just love this view of my littles all eating together :)

Then Friday afternoon we had errands to run, but in between those we stopped at a local park we love and played a little.

Saturday morning we hung out around the house picking up, doing some laundry and giving Sissy piggie back rides ;)

Saturday afternoon we had baseball games and then went out for a fun dinner at a new burger place. It was a great day and evening.

Sunday morning we woke up with a full day of baseball ahead of us but before that we stopped by our fav breakfast restaurant in town.
Her smirk kills me!

Then off to the fields we went where we watched our fav #14!

And 6 hours and 3 games later we made it to the championship game where we took 2nd place. Both teams played amazing and we couldn't be more proud of our Austin Elite!

After we got home we all crashed...we were SO exhausted. Looking forward to another fun week of summer and weekend of baseball coming up again!


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