Thursday, June 11, 2015

road trip must haves with kids

In just 2 weeks we will be making our way on our first (and only) summer vacation! It's a VERY long drive...6 South Padre Island with our whole family. We've been going since Asher was 4 weeks old when my parents somehow convinced Cameron and I to take such a long road trip with a newborn. Funny thing was he was perfect ;) 

My parents rent a house that we all can stay in. It's so much fun and my kids look forward to it every year. 

Last year we couldn't go because my dad (who owns his own business) was short on employees and just couldn't leave his store for a week. So everyone is super pumped for this year!

from 2 years ago

Back to the looooong drive...
Here are a few tips to keep those kiddos entertained on a road trip:

1. Redbox
Thankfully we have a newer car equipped with a dvd player. That's definitely a life saver but even the kids get tired of watching movies. One thing I always do is stop by Redbox to grab a few new movies for them to watch. I love Redbox because it's cheap, easy and they are everywhere! We can stop mid trip or on the way home to return our movies and grab new ones. It's a life saver and money saver ;)

2. Fun Game Books
This year I hopped on Amazon and found a few fun (I hope) activity books for the boys. They love any kind of activity books and by getting them each 2 I'm hoping it can keep them entertained for awhile.

3. Travel desk

Now the #1 problem with activity books is where can you do them? This desk is perfect for traveling! It has inside storage plus it folds down for easy storage. I can already picture my boys loading up their cute little desks with pencils and crayons. We got Aiden a blue and Asher a green one. I know they are going to love having their own personal desk in the car.

4. Seat belt pillows

Since both boys are out of high back boosters, riding in the car can be quite uncomfortable for them. I always though seat belt pillows were silly but after seeing one in my friends car I changed my whole perspective on them ;) They are not only quite comfortable but really perfect for little guys and much easier then loaded around big pillows. I found these cute Mario and Luigi ones on Amazon. I cannot wait to give them to the boys...I know they are going to freak!

Those are the products I bought for the boys but I also browsed Pinterest for fun games we can play and of course having lots of snacks for the ride always works ;) Milly is an awful traveler and unfortunately is still a little too young for some of the fun things I bought the boys. I'm really hoping that with movies, hopefully a nap and a few stops along the way she will make it without it being too crazy stressful. My last minute resort with her is Skittles. I know some moms might have a heart attack at the thought of giving your 2 year old skittles but hey she's not my first and I'm over it ;) A bag of Skittles can keep her occupied for about 45 minutes. Not only does she love to eat them but she also loves the colors and grouping them by color. So's a learning experience too ;)

Happy Road Trippin Friends!!!!!


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