Friday, June 19, 2015

more then just sand and surf

I absolutely love the beach! I could sit there all day listening to waves, soaking in the sun and swimming in the ocean. It's my happy place for sure. I love sharing the beach with my kids as well, however a vacation at the beach with kids is a lot different then a vacation at the beach without kids ;) It's not super relaxing in general considering you have to make sure no one drowns or wanders off on their own and never returns. But with all that it can still be loads of fun.

A few years ago on our annual beach trip, I noticed that while hanging at the beach and swimming is fun, the boys got to a point where they wanted a little more then just swimming and building sand castles. So the following year I hopped over to Pinterest before the trip and got some great ideas on beach projects and games.

This is seriously so easy and kept my kids (and niece) entertained for at least an hour. I just printed out the scavenger hunt (link above), gave the kids a cheap clipboard and a marker and off we went on a little adventure. They had SO much fun. I think this year, because they are older, I will make my own up for them that's a little more challenging. 

This has to be my favorite thing we've done! We made these the first year we took Milly to the beach and I plan on doing it again this year. I have to say it wasn't quite as easy as the tutorial shows but after 3 tries we finally got it right! 

Now they are displayed in a shadow box in the playroom.

This activity is not only fun while on the beach but great for once you get back to your room. If your kids are like mine once we get back, shower and eat dinner I usually hear "Now what can we do." In an effort to keep their little eyes off the screens (Ipad or TV) this is a really fun activity that they will love!

It's pretty easy
1. Collect sea shells from the beach
2. Once in the room wash them off in the sink or bathtub then let them dry
3. Before the trip purchase wooden letters or frames. Last time the kids did frames and I did the letter K. This year they are doing letters.

I found these at Target

4. Glue shells onto letter!
I turned my letter K into a wreath which is now my favorite wreath I have! I keep it up all summer long.

This activity is another one that keeps them busy and entertained for a long time. My boys are SO excited to do the letter A this year!

We are only at the beach for 3 full days so these 3 activities keep them very busy! 


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