Wednesday, June 3, 2015


If you were to come over to visit we would most likely end up in my kitchen. I would make you a cup of coffee, or ice tea, whatever you prefer and we would sit and chat and have the best time.

I  just love our kitchen. I love that it's a galley kitchen. I love that it has tons of walking space. I love all the beautiful things we picked out for it.

bar stools from World Market

rug from World Market

Most of all I love that it's the place our family gathers many times during the day to eat, hang out and visit or for them to watch me cook ;)

I also love all the cute little details I picked out before we moved in.
Like this towel
towel from a cute little local store

And my double ovens. I seriously had no idea how amazing it is to have 2!

Or these cute accessories
sign and cookie jar from World Market
plate from antique store

And my farmhouse sink. It's been a dream of mine for years. It's perfect.

So there's the space in house I spend pretty much most of my time...aside from the laundry room of course ;)


  1. So pretty Jenny! I want to come drink coffee! :) I also spy a gorgeous living room...can't wait for that post. Hint hint ;)