Friday, May 29, 2015

the homework room

My idea for this room all started with this episode of Fixer Upper. We were still living in our old home and I just loved this house. I especially loved the playroom off the living/kitchen space. I craved a space like this in our house but we just didn't have it. 


There was really no space to even create it. She called it a playroom but for me it looked like the perfect homework room. A place for the kids to go in privacy to do homework. No TV's, no interruptions. 

When we found this floor plan I loved the study/dining space because it was the perfect place for our homework room. I know I've said it before but this really is perfect floor plan for our family. I love this space for so many reasons. 

When you walk into the house it's the first room on the right.

It has the beautiful glass double doors that open all the way up.

I wanted this space to be a perfect learning space for the kids. I wanted it to be cute and a place they wanted to go to work. 

Now I have to admit this is the third time I have decorated this room. When we first moved in I just threw stuff in there. Then I changed it with things we had but I just never really liked it. So on the last day of school the creative juices were flowing and now it's perfect. Glad I didn't post pics of it before ;)

A good friend game me this little chalkboard sign and I immediately knew I wanted it to hang on the door. I just love how cute it is!

When you open the doors you are welcomed by so much natural light from the windows. It's so pretty. We got the drafting table Cameron has always wanted and decided it was perfect under the window with a swivel stool to sit on. I hung some family pics on each side because this really was the best place in the house for these square canvases.

I really debated putting in curtains but found these yesterday at Target and they are perfect! It really completes the room. I closed the blinds so you could get a better look at the curtains :)

2 long desks sit on each side of the room with these fun plastic chairs. The desk are so long that when the boys are in there together we put 2 chairs at their desk.

Over the computer desk we are going to hang framed blueprints of the house. We are having those made as we speak!

Like I had shown in another post I found this really nice chalkboard on clearance at Hobby Lobby. It looks perfect over the desk! For the summer we will keep this up but I look forward to changing it each season.

I found the long tool box at a cute antique store here in Georgetown. We have pencils, crayons and notebooks in there so it's easy for the boys to grab.

On each side of the door on the inside wall, I hung a metal magnetic board. For the summer it has their school schedules but during the school year I plan on using it to display work they bring home.

In an effort to keep the room clean we are using the coat closet across the hall for storage of all things we use in this room. We are still working on putting up shelving and getting a file cabinet but when it's done I'll post pics of it as well.

So that's our homework room. So far everyone loves it! I find we all kind of gravitate towards it during the day to craft or play on the computer. I think everyone with kids should try and find a place for them to be able to go off and work in quiet. It's truly made a world of a difference in getting homework done in our house.


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