Wednesday, May 20, 2015

our mudroom

This mudroom that I now can proudly call "ours" has been a dream in my head for many years. At the old house there was just no real space for all our stuff like backpacks, purses, shoes...all that everyday stuff. I did my best to try and create different spaces around the house for it all but nothing really came out to be what I really wanted. 

Now I finally have that and it feels oh so good to my little I crave organization heart :)

One of the immediate things that made me love this floor plan for our family was the mudroom. It was small, smaller then I had always imagined but at least it was a room, standing alone that we could create something useful in. It was a complete blank slate when we started. All that was there was the window and mail holder I bought at World Market.

I had thought about using premade furniture for the room (see design post) but after talking to Cameron and browsing Pinterest for months, he convinced me to let him build it out. Now my husband is very handy but he has never really taken on a project this big so I was a little nervous. I showed him pictures, we talked about it and off he was to the lumber store.

Things I knew we needed were:
1. lots of shoe storage. No shoes are allowed on the carpet and being that the kids rooms are upstairs we pretty much store all their shoes downstairs. 
2. a big bench with enough room for all kids to sit on and put their shoes on.
3. lots of hanging space. With 3 backpacks, 2 lunch bags, my purse, Milly's extra stuff bag and reusable bags it's easy to say we are a bag loving family ;)
4. a calendar station and mail station. I have always wanted a giant calendar where I can write all of our schedule for everyone to see. And a mail space because one thing I really dislike is mail everywhere.

So with my ideas and a few of his own, off he went building. 

3 days later I had this!

And after I cleaned and stained it 

we had this!

Oh holy moly!!!!! It exceeded everything I had imagined.

And I finally got my giant calendar.

I bought a dry erase calendar decal I found on PB teen on clearance. Then Cameron made me the frame out of extra wood and I put a light stain rub on it. The beautiful sign was a gift from our friends The Crissey's :) I love this phrase hanging right over our calendar. The rug is an indoor/outdoor rug from Target that brought the pop of color that I love! Plus it's so easy to clean being for outdoors as well.

I ordered the burlap curtain from etsy and love it! Fits perfectly in this room. As for the star, I had mentioned it in the design post as well. It was my inspiration for the whole room. It's from this shop and I customized it to have our motto this year for our family "for we walk by faith not by sight." so beautiful!

This now might be my fav room in the house. I clean it everyday ;) and just love everything about it. My man did such a great job! :)


  1. Oh Jenny! I love it! And not just because it has my sign in it ;)! you and Cameron did an amazing job on the bench. It is A M A Z I N G!!!