Monday, May 18, 2015

last week of school

I cannot begin to tell you how insanely happy I am it's the last week of school! I particularly love summer and spending lots of extra time with my boys. I love sleeping in, not making lunches every morning, not sitting in my usual morning traffic commute...I mean seriously the list could go on and on...

I was chatting with a mom friend of mine a few weeks back and mentioned how excited I am for summer to find a totally different response from her. She was dreading it. She hated not having a schedule and was completely not looking forward to it at all. While at first I was taken aback by her response I let it settle in. Once it did I realized that while her reaction to summer is different then mine doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it. There are moms all over the country not looking forward to the next 2ish months and that's okay. We are all in this together even if our views are different. 

And I get what she is saying. The first few weeks of summer we are on a high and everything is great. But yeah...a few weeks in my kids are fighting, complaining they are bored and none of that is fun. It's actually quite miserable. Maybe my views of summer are the same when it comes to thinking of pregnancy and childbirth. You only remember the amazing parts, not the reality. So in an effort to try and minimalize our summer meltdowns I am creating a somewhat-very lenient schedule for our family.

I had planned a few months ago to do some sort of summer school for my boys this year. I hate admitting it but every year when school starts back up they have fallen behind in reading and spelling. I used the excuse well they are young it's okay for long enough. Aiden is going to be in 4th grade and his school is very competitive. No more excuses...summer school here we come.

I stopped in Barnes and Noble last week and picked up these workbooks for my boys. 

They cover all subjects and look really fun. Step 1, check!

Next I need a schedule. I have to boys in all kinds of camps this summer.

I mean does our schedule not seem a little insane ;)

So for the first few weeks of summer their mornings are pretty much full. However one thing that I really wanted to get in a habit of was morning devotionals. So I'm going to try and set aside time in the morning (I think while they are eating breakfast) to sit down and read and study a Bible passage in the morning. Seems like a nice way to start the day. Because their camps are all pretty physical I think our "school time" will work best after camp. I think that 20 minutes of school work on one subject a day would be good. Then add in 20 minutes of them reading alternating days to me and then to themselves. After that they will be open to playing or taking turn playing electronics (I'll post a blog about controlling electronic use this summer later). In other words they will have some free time!

Here are some great links from Pinterest that I found for summer school schedules or just summer schedules in general.

And here's just a fun schedule of things to do in case you don't want to do a school version.

I also love this schedule especially because the kids can see it so they won't ask a millions times what they can do ;)

While I am super excited about our schedule I just want to put a disclaimer that I am fully aware that there will be days when nothing gets done. The beauty of this is that I am totally okay with that. It's just on the days that things do get done I will at least feel like I am giving it my all in helping to keep my boys little heads full of knowledge for their upcoming school year :)

5 days and counting until SUMMA TIME!!!!


  1. Those are some great ideas! I'm excited for summer this year and feel we have the perfect mix of activities and down time! Hoping you guys can get to Arlington for a visit sometime over the summer!