Wednesday, May 6, 2015

first holy communion

Asher has had quite a busy week ;) 

Saturday he received his first holy communion. 

They did a special mass at our church because there were 100 kids just from religious education receiving the sacrament. It was a beautiful day and just as I did with Aiden, seeing Asher made me tear up a bit. He was so cute and a little nervous (which I love) and my heart is so overjoyed for him. He's been waiting for this day a long time. 

we are not allowed to take pictures in church so we got seats up in the balcony so we could sneak a pic ;)

this little family of mine makes me so happy

After mass we headed to the house and had a nice lunch with family. We also celebrated his birthday since it fell on a Tuesday this year. He was a happy little boy surrounded by family and presents ;)

and a donut cake...because who doesn't love a nice donut cake!


  1. Congrats Asher on your First Holy Communion! We love you!