Thursday, May 7, 2015


Tuesday was Asher's birthday and man did I have a great day for him planned! 

This is our first year without doing a big friend party. Last year 2 of my kiddos had some big disappointments when it came to party time (like best friends not showing up) so this year I decided we would do big family parties and something fun for them to invite their 2 best friends to do. While the party planner mom in me misses planning those awesome big birthdays, this new tradition is so much better on so many levels!

So...the plan was to have a big birthday set up downstairs for him, make his favorite breakfast cinnamon rolls, sing happy birthday and let him open his present from us. Then that afternoon after school, he invited to of his best buddies and we were going to the UT baseball game and getting tons of yummy food and treats! It was going to be an amazing birthday and we were all excited.

Now here's where those pesky life lessons came into play...

I woke up Tuesday morning to see that the giant number 8 balloon I had bought him was deflated. I mean really??!! We have a cookie monster balloon still floating around this house from almost a month ago. I bought this the day before how was it deflated? I was super mad and very bummed out. So instead of pouting I grabbed the balloon and taped it to the wall. Then I gathered the other goodies, got the cinnamon rolls in the oven and convinced myself that it would all be great and he would love it.

And he did. He never even noticed that the balloon was taped to the wall ;)

He opened his presents and was so super excited that we got him a new longhorns backpack, lunch box, water bottle and baseball jersey. He might be the only 8 year old boy that doesn't really like toys ;)

So off to school he went with the biggest smile on his face and my morning disappointment with the balloon diminished. We were all happy and excited for the afternoon.

Fast forward to 5:30pm. After picking up his 2 friends we pulled up to the baseball stadium where there were some dark looming clouds. We decided to go ahead and get some food and sit and eat and that's when we heard the first announcement of a game delay. After an hour and a half of delays they finally cancelled the game. Asher was devastated. He just looked at me with his big blue eyes doing everything in his power not to cry. I felt so bad for him. 

"This is the worst birthday ever" he said. 

At first I was thinking how dare you say that! You are so lucky, do you have any idea how much money these tickets cost, blah blah blah. Thankfully none of that spilled out my mouth ;) Instead I just let him be disappointed. I let him feel it. I got down, looked him in the eye and said "I know you are so bummed out and I am so sorry this happened." I hugged him and let him feel what he was feeling because it's important. He needs to know what disappointment feels like. His life is going to be full of disappointments...some more important then others but still. That's life! Instead of forcing him to hide those feelings or feel guilty of them I want him to learn to feel them and then handle them in the right way. 

After that he rejoined his friends and we ran frantically back to the car while being soaked by seriously the biggest raindrops I have ever encountered. We laughed about it in the car and said this would be a birthday none of us would ever forget. Once again everyone was happy :)

we sat here a total of 2 min ;)

Oh and don't get me wrong...the kids had a blast! They played this game they made up for probably an hour and then ate some delicious ice cream with 5 different toppings. 

And they all got to stay up a little later then usual on a school night and who doesn't love that?! ;)


  1. Sorry it didn't turn out like you planned but you had a great attitude about it and I totally agree we have to let go of our perfectly laid plans all the time and take what life hands us and be thankful anyways! Hugs to both of you! :)