Saturday, May 16, 2015

an interesting week

Do you ever have those moments when it feels like nothing can possible go your way?

That's been me these past few weeks...I mean seriously if I have planned something it will not go accordingly. I'm beginning to feel very defeated. I know these moments will pass and everyone goes through them and when I am in the middle of these weeks that seem to never end I turn to prayer to help get me through.

It all started with Asher's birthday not really turning into what it should. We got past it, brushed ourselves off and moved on with a positive attitude. Then came Mother's Day. While it wasn't bad by any means it was mostly a day spent driving to and from baseball games with a screaming 2 year old. Cameron and I were determined to turn the day around and headed out to an antique store we have been dying to hit up. And hour and half drive later we find it was closed. So we decided to eat lunch at a cute Mexican food restaurant across the street only to spend our lunch watching said 2 year scream and kick all while laying on the lovely floor of the restaurant. After all that fun we packed up and headed to my mom's house to give her the mother's day present I was so extremely excited to give her (a big Yeti travel mug) only to walk in and see 2 Yeti travel mugs sitting on the table where she so excitedly told me that Dad had got them for her. 


Like the great mother she is, she acted very excited that she now had another one. At this point I was just plain exhausted so we headed home to where my mother's day ended with bug hugs and kisses and I went to bed feeling happy and thankful despite all the derailing in the day.

Fast forward to Tuesday. It was so super rainy outside but that morning we had a basketball hoop installed for the boys. 

As we came home from school and turned the corner to our street as they saw it come in view they started freaking out!!!! It was so fun and I couldn't wait to take their picture. We pulled in the garage and as I was getting out of the car I slipped and fell hitting my tailbone, back, head and elbow on the car. I am not a baby by any means when it comes to pain and I was in some serious pain! I laid in bed the rest of the day barely able to move as Cam took care of the kids. The next morning I went to the doctor to find out I had a few bruised ribs and strained muscles around my rib cage. 


Oh and I love the advice not to lift anything heavy when there is a certain little blond curly haired 2 year old running around. Thanks doc.

Thankful that it wasn't anything worse we headed to home so I could rest. Aiden had been complaining of a belly ache so I ran a bath for him to sit in and rest. About 5 minutes into the bath he stands up and throws up all in the bathtub. 


Cam had run to the store and I was still so sore but found a way to clean it up without having to bend over alot. It was quite interesting ;) 

Cam rushed home but while at the store had bought me some flowers because he knows I love them and they always cheer me up.

And they did :)

I awoke the next morning feeling a little less sore and pretty happy because it was my birthday!!!! The big 3-5, officially in my mid thirties. The boys surprised me with a card these some more beautiful flowers

and an itinerary for the next day which included a morning at the spa, a day of shopping and then a dinner out at a restaurant we've been wanting to try. And of course my mom would have the kids so I could really enjoy it. All day I looked forward to Friday.

2am...Aiden comes in our room to inform me Asher has thrown up. He proceeds to throw up at 4am, 6am and at that point I knew my perfect day was going to be history. Thankfully Cam insisted I go to the spa and he would stay with the kids. 

That was heavenly and a bright spot in my entire week. 4 glorious hours of quiet and relaxing time to rejuvenate my soul. And it was just what was needed because as I pulling in the driveway I see a half naked baby being held by a daddy with a slightly freaked out face. Yup Milly had puked all over the living room. 

Oh my oh my.

This morning I sit here with 3 children who are no longer sick, a husband (along with myself) that are praying that we do not get sick all in a house that desperately needs to be cleaned and scrubbed to get all these nasty germs out. 

The amount of time spent praying this week could go in the record books and I know these are very very minor setbacks in the grand scheme of life. I am keeping my head high and looking forward because even those these setbacks where disappointing I am thankful for this life and all the joys and disappointments that it brings. 

Happy weekend :) 


  1. So sorry to hear things have been rough! We are in the same boat. I have all three big kids home with tummy bugs and a new one keeps us up each night puking. This virus comes on so fast they don't have time to get to the bathroom so it's major cleaning at my house too. I just look at it as God's way of having me offer it up to help others. Hugs friend!!!