Tuesday, April 7, 2015

where we eat

Drum roll please...

It's here, the first post with pictures of Escondido!!! Woo hoo!!!

We have spent the last week unpacking, decorating, staying up VERY late and only mildly neglecting our kids (I'm kidding) to get this house in a livable condition. Cameron and I are not the people who slowly unpack or only unpack what we need. We are the people that get it done and then some. That's why after 12 1/2 years of marriage we are still best friends :) We work very well together.

So here is one of my most favorite rooms in the house...the dining/breakfast room. It's our only eating place in the house so I wanted a very big table. And very big is what we have.

Not only does it seat 8 but its gorgeous!!!!!

And I am seriously happy metal chairs and in style because I have found with kids they are a God send! For real!

I went with short white curtains because the view is gorgeous and I didn't want anything to attract the eye away from it. They blend in nicely but add that homey feeling that I love.

I am one of those people that would literally fill every single wall in my house with pictures of my kids or family. In an attempt to not freak everyone out who comes into my house I am stepping outside my comfort zone and that is why you will only find these pictures of my kids in this room. These are my all time, absolute favorite pictures of them ever! They are show stoppers, so I thought this wall would be perfect because you can see it from almost every vantage point in the dining/kitchen/living room.

I love this metal rolling cart we bought one day on a whim at World Market. It's perfect for my fruits and veggies that don't need refrigeration. The only bad thing is little Sissy now thinks oranges and lemons are for throwing ;)

Instagram has been very helpful to me in decorating this house when it comes to finding unique shops. I found Barn Owl Primitives that made this cute hand painted sign that I had to have. I've been saying this meal time prayer since I could talk and couldn't wait to hang this piece in this room!

I also kept a lot of old things from my gallery wall at the old house and added a new piece I got on clearance at Pier 1 after Christmas. I love the colors it adds to this room.

After I hung these pictures I realized how cute this blue cabinet we had originally used for shoe storage looked in here.

flowers were a housewarming gift from my mother in law

Now I use it to store all my vintage Pyrex.

So there is our eating place. I have to admit this room took 3 days of moving pictures, furniture and just really thinking on it to get the look that I wanted. Yesterday as I sat in car line waiting to pick up the boys I found a scrap piece of paper in the car and drew it out. I had really been struggling with it but in that moment I saw it and had to get it on paper so I wouldn't forget. I came home and after dinner got to work and voila! I absolutely love it!

The boys rooms are up next! You won't believe how amazing they turned out or how we actually pulled off the surprise of them!!!! ;)