Thursday, April 23, 2015

well hello again david's bridal

Today Amelia and I had the pleasure to go wedding dress shopping (again) with/for my sister, mom and niece. It was lots of fun, especially because this time around it feels really right for her :) 

So back to David's Bridal we went! This time around since she's getting married on a cruise, she was looking for a short-not super fancy-but a little fancy dress. Unfortunately there wasn't really a huge selection like we were hoping. The good news is we found 2 dresses that we all loved!

And drumroll please...

She chose the 2nd one!!!! And I would like to add that's the one I picked out! 

hashtag go me

After dress shopping we stopped at Nordstroms Rack and then out to lunch at Panera. It was my first time and oh.em.gee it was SOOOOO good! Too bad there isn't one closer.

After all that girl's day fun little sister and I spent about 30 minutes waiting for brothers to get out of school. We were so worn out (yeah I'm getting old) so we just chilled in the car with snacks and watched a movie. She is so stinkin cute. 

I just love love love spending my days with her :)


  1. Both dresses are gorgeous! A panera is opening near wolf ranch in July! Lunch date?