Monday, April 13, 2015

my life as a vegetarian

So because the house is a disaster (Cameron decided to paint the garage floor yesterday so everything from the garage is in my house) and I cannot take pics of it to post I decided I might as well write about my Lenten journey.

For Lent I gave up meat. I knew it would be hard but honestly I've never been a huge meat eater so I thought it wouldn't be that bad.

I was wrong.

It was that bad.

For the 40+ days from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday I was miserable. I felt bad, was ALWAYS hungry, had no energy, was grumpy, just overall didn't feel like myself at all. I had gained a little weight around my mid section which drove me nuts. I thought vegetarians were suppose to be healthier and feel better the meat eaters. Well some might but not me. Seriously the last 2 weeks of lent I was so miserable I was just praying for God to help me get through this. I would think about the struggles Jesus went through in the desert and then when he came back. He knew his fate and he faced it head on. How silly am I to complain about a little weight gain and being tired? So I pushed on.

Well I made it! Never ever gave in even when I REALLY wanted to ;) 

Now that I am back to my regular diet I have never felt better and all my weight gain is gone. I really believe that my body just needs protein to function. And seriously who doesn't love a giant cheeseburger every once and awhile ;)!

I just found this completely hilarious! Of course I respect all people and their diet choices ;)


  1. My dad read a book about how bad grains are for us and the book was written by a doctor that did the same thing you did, gave up meat and gained weight and felt awful. His health really suffered. So he gave up wheat and processed grains and got really healthy. My dad has done it and has lost weight and is off his diabetic medicine. I need to read the book.