Wednesday, April 22, 2015

master bedroom

I love our room. It's so cozy and inviting and I love it! 

When you walk in there is a long hallway where I hung this cute poster I bought from PS I Adore You, one of our engagement pictures and a somewhat recent photo of us.

I wanted to do curtains in this room to add a sense of coziness but with the windows being so close together I didn't want to frame each window with curtains. So I decided on just doing a thin silk curtain on each side of the window. They are purely for decor being that they are not at all functional. They really complete the room :)

I have always envisioned and dreamed of a gorgeous master bedroom with a giant big bed, lots of pillows, blankets, soft sheets...a bed you literally melt into when you jump in. With such high expectations as that this room was really hard for me to put together. Cameron and I went shopping one day for furniture and one of the first places we went was Haverty's. While I do not at all like mass produced furniture stores I did find the bed of my dreams amidst all the wood on wood on wood furniture ;) 

And it was a king. A ginormous king size bed. One I have been wanting a LOOOOONG time. Rewind to 12 years ago when Cameron and I were getting married and getting our new home set up. We bought a queen size bed and looked down on those with a king. We always wanted to be close together snuggling in bed.

Seriously how cute is that?! ;) 

Well fast forward to the present and while I still love snuggling my husband I also want a little extra room for those nights when it's not just the 2 of us in in there might be a little blond curly haired toddler with us. 

So we got a king size bed and it's amazing. The bedding kind of all came together one afternoon on a Target shopping trip. As for the dresser we knew we were wanting something antique and found this one on Etsy. It's seriously beautiful in person.

The nightstands we kind of stumbled upon at Pier 1 and felt they were the perfect match for the room.

And this is my fav piece in the whole house. 

We saw it on an episode of our fav show Fixer Upper and I literally ordered it from their shop Magnolia Market within days. So unique and beautiful. When I ordered it I knew this would be the perfect wall for it.

So there is our perfect (of us) master bedroom :)