Tuesday, April 21, 2015

life on escondido drive

I think it's safe to say we are finally getting into some routine here at Escondido Drive. Life is finally starting to feel somewhat normal and the chaos of moving and packing is slowly drifting away...

just please excuse the boxes in the coat closet ;)

Things going on around here...

It's safe to say we are all very happy being here! One Saturday morning the boys noticed the donkeys out in the pasture behind the house. I grabbed a bunch of old veggies from the fridge and they ran out and fed them. 

We got grass!

and it's gorgeous and we are loving it and we are spending absolutely every extra second we have outside (like I had predicted)

Little sister thinks that grass should be swept to be kept beautiful. 

And swept in ninja turtle socks of course ;)

Because it's April and April means baseball season we have been very busy with practices and games. One weekend our coach set up a special treat for the to a UT baseball game and a tour of the locker room. My little and big baseball fans were SO excited. Before the game we had a tailgate party for a few hours. It was loads of fun and a great getaway from all the unpacking!

April also means Math Pentathlon tournament time! This is Aiden's 2nd year in math pentathlon and all year we practice for this once a year tournament. He did outstanding (as did the whole group) and it was a very fun yet exhausting day. Looking forward to the next year!

And yes I'm the group leader which might shock anyone that knows me personally ;)

One Friday morning (a few Fridays ago) Cam and I took Sissy to see Sesame Street Live. Neither of my boys ever really liked Sesame Street so I was super excited that she loves it!

She was so super cute and sat in Cameron's lap almost the entire show just watching in awe. Then at the end she got up to dance and danced her little heart out until one of the characters came up to her. Then she ran as fast as she could back to Daddy and jumped in his lap ;)

Other then all that fun stuff, Sissy and I spend most days at home. We take lots of walks and love learning the neighborhood and meeting new neighbors.


Walking is very relaxing to her!

And our new thing is biking together! I just got this seat yesterday and happily she loves it (despite the grumpy face). So now we move a little faster through the neighborhood.

One of the things I couldn't wait to do in my new huge kitchen was get the kids in there with me to cook. Sunday Asher asked if he could help and I was thrilled! We made little mini meatloafs with my new mini loaf pan. I had him cut up yellow bell pepper, carrots, kale and garlic that we put in there. Then it was his idea to add the smiley faces on them ;) So much fun!

While we were cooking baby girl was being a little too quiet so I went to the living room to find her like this

Poor thing was exhausted from our busy weekend. So I straightened her out


and let her sleep for about an hour. When she woke up she was SO grumpy. I still had some dinner to cook and she would not let me put her down and wanted nothing to do with her Daddy. So I went upstairs found the baby bjorn and put her in it.

I am really treasuring these moments because I know they are fleeting. I am teaching myself to stop and be there for my kids when they need me in that exact moment. 

I really love this time of year and all the busyness it brings. I am so excited that summer is just around the corner! Summer for us is going to bring us...

THE POOL!!!!! We finalized everything and they are starting construction next week! Pool should be done mid July. Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!


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