Thursday, April 9, 2015

boy's rooms

Surprising the boys with their rooms has to be one of the most fun things we have ever done! Last Monday was the official move in day. The movers were clearing out our 3 storage units (yikes) and delivering all the goods we missed to Escondido House. We really wanted to stay there that night but to do that and successfully surprise the boys (like we had planned) I had to spend the entire day working my tail off to get their rooms done.

Let me tell was all worth it ;)

Their reactions!

They both kept saying "oh my gosh!" It was awesome. Both boys absolutely LOVE their rooms and I equally love how they turned out!

So here they are...

Aiden's room (here is the link to his design plan)

 the large bike wheel over his bed is from an antique store

Love the pillows and this little reading nook for him.

I refinished both these pieces with Annie Sloan chalk paint and LOVE how they turned out. That nightstand was a cheap dresser from IKEA and the dresser was an antique that my parent bought when they first got married. Painted the knobs on the dresser and added new ones to the nightstand and voila!

Also love his lamp! It was a last minute touch that I found at World Market one afternoon. It's called the Thomas Edison light and since Aiden loves inventors I knew he would really appreciate this. Turns out it's his favorite thing in his room :)

This cute wooden bike was also a last minute find at TJ Maxx!

I was SO excited about this graffiti skateboard I could barely contain myself! We had it a few weeks before we moved in and keeping it a secret was seriously so hard. Aiden of course freaked over it! Plus it's real skateboard deck so one day we could add wheels and it could be his skateboard.

bathroom connects boy's rooms

Asher and I had found this cute yellow bike on one of our antiquing adventures. My plan was to hang it on the wall but thought it looked cute on this little shelf. The skateboard shelf and hanging hooks are from Rooms to Go.

he added the guitar ;)

As usual...Pinterest for the win on using shower curtains as curtains. They are so fun and I love how they turned out.

As the movers were unloading the truck they pulled out this blue trunk that I had completely forgotten about. It looks so cute under his window with this silly pillow on it.

Asher's Room (Link to his design plan)

I love how bright and fun his room turned totally fits him!

This scoreboard took Cam and I an hour to try and figure out how to hang! It's so insanely heavy and we knew (and wanted) him to play with it so it had to be super secure to the wall. After trying things and debating we finally decided to use giant screws and drilled them right through the front of the sign into 2 different studs. Now that thing is permanent fixture in the house. Good thing he is in love with it ;)

vintage trash can we picked up at an antique store

all of Asher's game balls plus the ball he got last August signed by the players on the Kansas City Royals 

vintage catcher's gear picked up antiquing

I love how all the little accents I bought turned out in his room. Seriously when you walk in you just want to look at everything. This room is a show stopper ;)

Asher's nightstand is the same one Aiden has from Ikea. Since I wanted his room to have a vintage/rustic sports feel I knew staining it would be the best bet. I love how it turned out! A little stain and a few new knobs completely transformed it!

This locker is one of the coolest things in his room. It's so bright and great storage and it looks awesome!

So there you go! These rooms turned out almost exactly how I had planned. Only a few things were tweaked and overall I seriously couldn't be happier. Getting them done in one day was insane...don't get me wrong...but taking the time to do it and surprise them was priceless. Everyone should take time to do something fun for their kids and surprise them every once and awhile. Putting other's first is such a great feeling :)

Next rooms will be kitchen, entry way and stairs!