Tuesday, March 24, 2015

the last 3 days...

...of spring break were pretty great if I do say so myself ;)

We were suppose to have a walk through on the house Friday but it got cancelled because the house just wasn't ready for it. Since Cam had already planned to take off work we packed up the kids that rainy afternoon and headed into Austin. We ended up at Dave and Buster's and might I say I haven't seen my kids having that much fun in a long time! I recommend packing up your kids and taking them there to at least once ;)

Saturday I spent most of the day packing up my parent's house since the Big Moving Day is quickly approaching and that evening Cam and I went on a much needed date night :) We hit up a new restaurant in town that was amazing! Then headed over to see a movie. There really weren't any good movies out so we saw Kingsman.

It was a pretty good action movie and we enjoyed it...until the end. Something happens at the end that even my not too conservative husband was surprised and disturbed by. Kind of ruined the movie :/ But we still had a great night out just spending time together before our life gets crazy.

Sunday I decided to teach my ever eager Asher how to cook. We made pancakes and eggs together and he did awesome!

I am really enjoying the kids getting older and getting to do so many fun things with them that was impossible when they were little. I never thought I would say it but I think these ages right now are my favorite!

That afternoon we headed to one of our family fav Austin restaurants Hula Hut to celebrate Emily's birthday (it's actually today).

I feel so lucky to have this really awesome, close family. As a kid I thought everyone had families like mine and through growing up and meeting lots of different people I have since learned that they don't. That what I have been so lucky to have is a privilege. I never take it for granted and will teach my kids how lucky and blessed we are to have this. Family really is everything :)


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