Wednesday, March 18, 2015

spring break

It's Spring Break!!!!!! 

The weather has been warm and gorgeous!!!!

Hallelujah ;)

We've never been big Spring Break travelers so staying true to form we've just been hanging around enjoying things our little town has to offer :) I like the idea of having a week of doing not a whole lot so the kids can really kick back and relax before the last stretch of school starts!

So we've been playing at parks with friends from school

Little Sissy seriously loves the park. I mean it's so stinkin cute.

And leaving can be quite a problem ;) 

My old self would have gotten all frazzled and picked her up embarrassed by how she acted and carried her frustrated back to the car. The now mom of 3 just laughs and takes pictures;)

We've been excitedly watching Escondido come together! Final walk through is this Friday morning! Lots has been going on with still lots to do. Really praying that everything gets done and we can still close next Friday. NEXT FRIDAY!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!

And visiting more parks because when the weather man calls for rain and there's no rain...we play!

first little ponytail! 

Since the weather has been so nice we went window shopping for plants for the front yard landscaping. 

I love going to nursery's! I always have. My mom and I use to go every spring and get new things to plant. I love doing things like this with the kids and they love it as well. The only we bought was a Venus Fly Trap for Aiden...he was so excited about seeing one that I had to buy it ;)

So that's been our Spring Break so far. Today we are off to see Cinderella, tomorrow a strawberry patch and Friday we are taking the kids to Main Event after the house walk through. Even though it's been pretty laid back Aiden said yesterday that this was the best Spring Break ever! 

Nothing better then having kids that are easy to please ;)


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