Monday, March 16, 2015

pool time!

In honor of the 1st day of spring break in our house I'm doing a post all about warmer weather! 

When we started this whole building our dream home process a large part of that dream home included an amazing outdoor space. We are big time outdoor lovers! So what could be more perfect for an outdoor lovin family of five then a pool. 

Cameron (being the research maniac he is) found 3 companies that he thought could get the job done. All 3 have come out and given us quotes and design ideas but one stood out above the rest. We are about 90% sure we are going to use them but of course, all of this has to wait until we actually own the house ;)

We knew that we wanted a very large rectangular pool to match the back of the house.

We knew that we wanted some kind of water features.

that's really how big out yard will be...insane!

We knew that we wanted a sun porch.

We knew that we wanted a large decking space to entertain.

One thing that the design surprised us on was extending the current back porch out and then have steps down to the pool. Cameron wanted to hang a TV on the back porch but with it being so long and narrow it just seemed with a TV there is would be wasted space. This design brings out this porch so it's big enough for a table. When I saw this I immediately knew this particular pool guy really took the time to create a design that would fit our family needs and wants.

Our goal is to get this whole pool business going by early/mid April. With that being the case the pool will be ready mid/late June. Just in time for those 100 degree temps we Texans are graced with in summer!


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