Monday, March 2, 2015

asher's room design inspiration

Something that I absolutely love is designing a space for my kiddos. They are each so very different and I love making a place that they love and feel comfortable. 

Escondido is bringing lots of new beginnings for our being that the boys will each have their own room. They have shared a room since Asher was 15 months old. They never had to, they wanted to. 

It all started when both boys were sick with croup. So I put them in Aiden's room and slept in there with them to make sure they were okay. Well after a week of one of the worst sicknesses our family has ever had, I went to move Ash back to his room and Aiden asked if he could stay. And stay he did...for 5 years.

While they have loved sharing a room they are both ready to have their own space. One thing I loved about this house is their rooms will be adjoining with a bathroom in between. We are also getting both boys new full size beds because even though they want their own space during the day I'm not convinced it will be that way at night ;) I see many nights in bed with each other which I think is super cute!


Asher is our sports guy. He loves all sports...I mean ALL sports. I saw this bed awhile back and it inspired me to do a vintage baseball room for him.

After thinking about it and talking to him (their rooms are a surprise so we are only asking vague questions to get an idea of what they want) I realized what he would really like is a room with all his fav teams. So the plan changed and now it's a sports room with a vintage feel that shows his fav teams, players and is inspirational

Got all that? ;)

Here is the layout of his room 

The entry door is on the left...same wall as closet. The door at the top of the page leads into the bathroom.

His current nightstand is plain wood and has 3 drawers. It's great for storage and very functional so we are keeping it and I'm going to paint it with Annie Sloan paint and get some new knobs for it.

To keep with the sports theme Cam and I wanted to incorporate some type of lockers. We looked at buying an actual locker but they are just way too big for his room. So we found this piece at Ikea that we loved. 

It will sit under his window

I also found these cute lockers from Pottery Barn Kids. I just happened to catch them on sale and bought 2. I plan to hand these on one of the walls that walk into the bathroom so he can hang his clothes on them. On the shelf I plan on displaying his game balls from baseball.

Our first shopping trip out, Cameron and I found this awesome baseball chair at Homegoods so we grabbed it. It will sit in the right corner. 

One of my favorite pieces in the room is this giant wooden scoreboard we just ordered him.

It will say "Ash Stadium"

Here's the bedding with throw pillows to bring it all together.

On etsy I found these inspirational sports quotes we are going to hang around the room

On an antique shopping trip, I found an old vintage Texas Longhorn trash can I'm going to set somewhere and put sports gear in it for him (don't have a picture of it but it's CUTE)

Other then that I am going to print and frame pics of his 3 favorite players...Josh Hamilton, Peyton Manning and Lebron James and hang those over his bed along with different pictures on him playing baseball, football and basketball over the years. 

Of course it just wouldn't be the perfect room for him without a basketball goal over the closet door ;) 

I really hope he loves his room and finds it a place where he can relax and unwind.


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't wait to see this room....and all the others as well! It's going to be beautiful!!!