Thursday, March 19, 2015

amelia's room design inspiration

I finally made time for this post! Ha! The funny thing is this post actually is shorter then the boy's rooms so I should have done it first ;)

So for Amelia's room I knew I wanted something really girly. I also knew I was going to use the curtains my mom made for her nursery along with the wall hangings in her nursery because I love them.

I'm going to mix in framed pics of her in this gallery wall and it will hang over her bed.

What took us awhile to decide was if we were going to take her crib or just transition her to a big bed. The original plan was to leave her in the crib but after really thinking about it we decided to get her a day bed and just go ahead and make the transition. After we decided that I knew I wanted a white iron daybed. Now this might seem like an easy bed to find but it wasn't. All the beds I found were rounded or curved and had all these curvy designs in them. That's not at all our style...I wanted something with straight lines. One day while I was checking my email, this bed popped up on the side of my screen in an ad. I literally went straight to the website and ordered it!

It was just what I wanted. Next thing was I knew I wanted white ruffly bedding with lots of bright throw pillows. I found this bedding at Target on sale one day

Along with these cute colorful and super soft sheets (on clearance!!!!)

Then stopped at PB Teen and found these cute pillows on sale as well!

I found this pillow at this Etsy shop. It's seriously gorgeous in person!

I'm going to add some cute solid color bright pillows as well.

She will get the white dresser from our old room and over it I'll put a decal tree with these beautiful flowers a friend of mine makes

Her cute PB kids chair will go in the corner with her bookshelf because she loves to read

And then we got her this adorable table and chairs. I cannot wait for her to see it!

I'm also buying these pink bookshelves which one will go on each side of her bed for toy storage

I want to get her a full length mirror because this girl loves to look at herself ;)

One of my favorite things about our little Sissy is when she sees something new or something she likes she says "Oh my goodness!" I just know when she walks in her room those are the words we are going to hear :)