Thursday, March 12, 2015

all the new stuff

my little loves at Escondido yesterday. Why oh why is little sister looking so old (tear)


last week didn't really turn out as I had thought. I ended up sick, little sister has decided she doesn't believe in sleeping at night at all anymore and stresses at Escondido all just about did me in. So that's why there was a lack of posts. I promise I will get to Amelia's room as soon as I can. Those posts just take a really long time! ;)

Anyway, we are scheduled to close March 27 and have a walk thru March 20. As in we could be owners of our home in 15 days. I.cannot.believe it.

While living with my parents has been great I hit a breaking point the other night. I am just ready to have all my stuff in my house. Period. I was laying in bed trying to imagine our life at our old house. I was trying to remember exactly how we did where we put things when the kids got home from I unloaded the groceries...I just needed to grasp on to anything from our old life. 

And then it hit me...I couldn't remember. It made me sad. Sad that all those little everyday things had slipped from my memory. Now our everyday life is hectic. There's no real place for any of our stuff at my parents house. We are constantly running around looking for things that have been misplaced or put somewhere it doesn't belong. I am literally craving organization. 

15 more days...

So until then here are some pics of all the new stuff at Escondido :)

marble seat in shower installed and shower floor finished

garage doors installed

fireplace frame installed

WOOD FLOORS!!!! They are seriously GORGEOUS

foundation stained to match stucco and electrical box installed. And yes we have electricity!!!

The weather here lately has been seriously nasty so the land around the house is a muddy mess. Yesterday when we went out we told the boys to not get in any mud.

According to Aiden this is not mud. It's a giant dirt hill that's only a little wet.

That kids better grow up to be a lawyer ;)


  1. So sorry to hear you had a rough week last week! I think the hard times and challenges you are facing now will help you to appreciate you new home even more once you get settled. It will all be worth it!!! I'll be praying for you in these last weeks because I know how stressful they are!!! The house is so beautiful and I'm so excited for you!