Saturday, March 21, 2015

all the final touches

All the final touches are being done to Escondido. I cannot believe we have 6 days until closing. Last week at this time if you would have asked me if the house would be done I most likely would have said no. This week my answer has changed to a definite yes! So much was done last week.

Carpet installed

The stair banisters and railings were completely taken off and reinstalled because they just were not sturdy at all. Now they look custom and are gorgeous! And most importantly safe :)

Master bath was finished (they did install the glass on the shower but I didn't take a pic yesterday evening when we went out)

I think that room might be one of my favorites in the's so beautiful and spa like!

The house was completely cleaned and we finally got to see what the wood floors looked like!

We were suppose to have a walk through yesterday but the contractor rescheduled for Tuesday because there is still alot of work to be done in the kitchen. In the walk through the house pretty much has to be finished  so we can sign off on it. There are drawers and cabinets that need to be touched up or reinstalled. 2 of our glass upper cabinet doors need to be installed, the farmhouse sink needs better support and all the pulls need to be installed on the cabinet drawers and doors. 

I am just in love with my kitchen. It's so beautiful...seriously my dream kitchen :)

A last minute change that we decided was to change the stain on the window overhangs. They told us we picked this color. We really don't think we did because why would we pick such a light doesn't match anything about the house. Once the front door was stained it really didn't look well. So for a little extra money, we got the over hangs stained to match the door color. Now it looks perfect!





  1. The house is BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait for you to move in!!!!!!!!