Tuesday, March 3, 2015

aiden's room design inspiration

Today let's talk Aiden's room. 

Now this room was not as easy as Asher's. If I am being honest it was quite hard to come up with his room plan yet it was the first I did. I already knew what I wanted to do with Amelia and Asher's room so it was a challenge for me to figure out what would be perfect for my Aiden. 

My goal with all the kids rooms was to design it so they could keep it for years. I wanted broad characters or things like that. 

Well Aiden wanted a Mario themed room. That was not going to happen simply because in a year he might not even be interested in it anymore and I don't want to spend all this time and money on something that I am praying he still likes. So that's where the next idea came...extreme sports.  

As it might surprise many, Aiden is quite the daredevil. He will try anything at least once. He also has a new found love for skateboarding, biking and is dying to go snowboarding (we are planning a trip for next winter!) So one day I just sat down at the computer and let the juices start flowing and that's where his room came together for me.

I wanted to create a wood plank headboard. Since the boys rooms are going to be a complete in we are going to put them together in a day for them and surprise them after school...that plan just wasn't really reasonable. So I found this headboard on Target that I loved!

One thing Aiden loves is soft and cozy things. So I knew I hit the jackpot with these flannel sheets I found on clearance at Target one day for under $10!

I then found this bedding that I equally loved from Pottery Barn that was also on clearance. I had his name embroidered on the sham (went with only 1 sham that will be centered in the bed) and the found some fun throw pillows to add.

Gray duvet cover and sham

He will also keep his nightstand that I am going to paint a charcoal grey and add new knobs. I'm also painting an old antique dresser that we have to go in there as well. Over the dresser will be a gallery wall with different inspiring prints that were in his old room along with pictures of him.

example from his old room. I'm going to keep some yellow frames but spray paint the other navy and gray. Also the deer head is going in the gameroom.

I'm going to restuff a giant beanbag we have and throw it in the corner with a fun pillow on it so he can have a little place to read.

For curtains I'm taking a huge leap of faith and putting alot of trust in pinterest ;) I'm using shower curtains! They are blue and white striped. Fingers crossed they look good ;)

There are on each side of the window.

I found these cute skateboard wall pieces that I fell in love with because even though they are new, they look a little vintage. The shelf will go on the left side of the window and the hanger hooks will go on the slanted wall that leads to his bathroom.

he has 2 hooks

One day while Asher and I were antiquing I found this sweet metal bike wall hanging that will go on the right side of his wall.

Last but not least my favorite piece in the room! I bought a plain wooden skateboard deck and found a guy on Etsy who is graffiti painting his name on it. That will go over his bed and I know he going to freak when he sees it!

this is just an example of what the guy has done before. Aiden's will be gray, navy, yellow and orange

So there is Aiden's room! I cannot wait to get in there and put it all together for him :) 

24 (approx) days and counting...


  1. So cool! Also love the boys old room! You have always been so good with design! Can't wait to see Milly's room...hint, hint ;)