Thursday, February 19, 2015

the stresses of building...we weren't quite prepared

Everyone warned us how stressful building a house was. It's listed as one of the most stressful things a person can go through. So Cameron and I knew (or so we thought) what we had ahead of us and felt very prepared. Our plan was to have an open mind and not get upset when something goes wrong because it will most likely be fixed.

Well let's just say that all went out the window Tuesday morning when the granite was installed.

I was having an awful morning (timing is everything right?)...
I had just gotten out of a doctor appointment where I found out little Sissy had walking pnemonia and Asher a double ear infection and would miss yet another day of school. I had just sat through one of the worst doctor appointments ever where my daughter screamed and tore apart the room while we tried to give her a breathing treatment because her oxygen was low.  As I was sitting at Sonic getting slushies and french fries at 9:30 am to appease the kids (mom of the year) I got the picture of the granite from Cameron. I was was nothing I wanted or envisioned for my kitchen. I was almost in tears.

the granite we chose

the granite installed

Now being that I have dealt with granite before I know that every slab is different and there is variation in color but I was in no way expecting it to be this big of a difference. I chose the granite I did because it was called "White Ice" and I assumed that it would be mostly be white with accents of black and tan.'s most black with yellow and barely any white. 

We have talked to the contractor and our builder rep and they are seeing what if anything can be done about this granite. 

I woke up Wednesday morning with a whole new mindset. I was going to look at this whole granite debacle as being just the way it was suppose to be. Yeah it wasn't at all what I imagined for my kitchen but that doesn't mean it won't be beautiful.

Yesterday afternoon they started installing the backsplash in the kitchen. I went out to the house very reluctantly for a few reasons. First, I really didn't want to see the granite again and hate it after feeling good about it all day; and Second I was terrified that the backsplash wasn't going to look well with the granite.

Thank goodness I was wrong.

It's gorgeous together! Seeing the backsplash made me fall in love with the granite. 

The whole kitchen felt like it was coming together and I was oh so happy about it!

another little hiccup we ran into...the design team didn't inform the tile guys that we wanted the tile placed all the way to the wall even over the cabinets so they couldn't finish yesterday. More tile had to ordered and hopefully the will finish before this week is over.

This whole experience taught me something. While many might think how ridiculous I was for being so upset (I'm sure the builder and everyone out there working feels this way) I learned that the only people that really care how our home turns out is Cameron and I. This is our dream house, our forever home. We have waited for this moment for years and honestly like I've said before, we never thought we would be in this position. This house means so much more then colors of granite or placement of tile. It represents how far we have come. We just want it to be perfect. So while I was devastated and had more then a few choice words for certain people, I learned I just need to remain calm and remember who is in charge. WE need to remember that we cannot control everything or everyone and that our house will be perfectly built for us. There will probably be lots more problems in the building process but after this I feel like we will walk into those situations with a different mindset.

Well one can hope so right? ;)


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