Thursday, February 12, 2015


Lately for some reason designing rooms in the house has me at a complete loss. I really have no idea why because for a couple of weeks I was on a roll! I've designed all the kids rooms with no problem at all. I literally walked into the rooms and pictured exactly what I wanted. I have a design binder (yes I know big nerd alert) where I type out a plan, print out pictures and have the layout of the room Cameron drew. I love home truly is a passion of mine.

But lately...nothing.

My mind is blank.

I read lots of blogs (see side bar) and one of my favs is The other day she posted a blog with pictures of these glass stars she has made for her kids. I've seen the stars in her blog before but this time they spoke to me. I fell in love with them! So I headed over to their etsy site and started browsing all the different stars. 

I found the perfect star!

The perfect inspiration for my mudroom!

Back in January I picked a Bible verse for our family's year motto "for we walk by faith not by sight" It's been important for me to find a way to incorporate that somewhere in our house. Now I have the perfect place. The verse will be printed on the mirror in the center of the star.

I am going to hang the star in the window of our mudroom

And the whole room design will revolve around this star.

I found this bench I love

I want to have open shelving on each side of the window and hang hooks under the shelving
found these gray cubes at Ikea and love. I would hang 2 on top of each other on each side of the window

On the opposite wall I want a huge framed out chalkboard where I can write fun messages 

And then a cute DIY curtain will hang over the window (maybe burlap...I love me some burlap)

This room will also have the dark gray floor tiles which I think are gorgeous! I just really want this room to be beautiful because it will be one of the most used rooms in the house connecting the garage to the house. It will also been seen from the foyer (there is currently no door closing it off). I was a little nervous about that because hello its a mudroom and it might not always look presentable. 

So because of that my lovely husband is building me this

a sliding barn door!!!!

Y'all I'm over the moon excited about this project. It's going to be gorgeous. I've always wanted one and this is the perfect place in the house to put it.

So there is the plan for the mudroom. I hope this post inspired you to look for inspiration everywhere :)


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