Tuesday, February 10, 2015

happenings at Escondido House

Lately lots has been going on over at Escondido. It's amazing to me how every time I go over there something has changed to make it look more like a livable home. I seriously cannot wait to move in yet it still feels very surreal. Like it's not really our house.

So here is whats been going on...

After a small problem with the order (as in iron rods not wood slates were ordered) we finally got the railings we wanted. This was about a 2 day delay but oh so worth it. It looks gorgeous!

Then the supports were stained

love :)

Trim was put up and we ended up getting crown molding in the master bedroom and bathroom

Homework room doors installed (they will be painted white)
love :)

Shelving has been put in all the closets

Master closet

Driveway forms set up and hopefully will be poured this week

We have opted for a very large driveway which I'm super excited about. There are lots of shade trees around it and I just picture it as a place to play basketball and watch the kids ride their bikes/scooters/skateboards.

Found this cute selfie on my phone. It really makes me happy how excited the boys are about the house.

It's become a little tradition to head over to the house every Friday after school and then go out for dinner and then every Sunday after church and religion school. We just walk around, talk about decorating plans and well...just spend time together. It's really pretty great and I look forward to these moments all week :)


  1. Everything is looking so neat! Can't wait to come see it someday!!!