Thursday, February 26, 2015


These past couple of weeks have been one for the record books in my life. Not only did the house have us a little on the stressed side but 2 of my children have been sick. Asher has a double ear infection and my sweet little Amelia has been battling walking pneumonia for going on 2 weeks. Her sleep has been so jacked up and I feel like a walking zombie. Plus the cold temps have us indoors which isn't good for my soul. 

I need warm body craves it. I am a Texas girl through and through and would take 100 degree temps over 30 degree any day!

So here are pics of what's been going on with us. 

It's just kind of a mish mash of everything because that's all I have the energy for. Our bathrooms are almost finished so hopefully I can get out there and take pics so y'all can see how beautiful they are :)

I was luckily graced by the presence of Princess Elsa one cold and windy winter day at Escondido ;)

I have to say it is pretty fun that she is getting into the dress up phase.

Here are some random bathroom shots from last week

Loving the tile floors!

We got a mailbox

Other then visiting the house literally counting down the second till we can live there ;) We are...

painting for the first time

Riding in grocery carts we have no business in to make Sissy happy ;)

finding a new hobby that we both love...antiquing!
Hi, my name is Jenny and my glasses are always crooked. It's a problem I know but at least I am in the phase where I can admit it ;)

Someone got a new car seat that is super comfy and has a cup holder! Now maybe Momma can hold on to a little bit of her sanity by avoiding the dreaded spilt cup in the chair fiasco.

and lastly wearing sock we have absolutely no business wearing.

I took his cleats off him the other day after baseball practice and saw this sock and died laughing. I was like how in the world can you wear this. He just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders like it was no big. He said "they still work mommy." 

It's really amazing what we can learn from our kids. As parents we are always thinking what we have to teach our kids...what our responsibility is to make them good adults, good citizens. I love these moments where I let them teach me something about life. 

Don't just throw them away..."they still work mommy."


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