Monday, February 2, 2015

a family affair

Yesterday was Aiden's birthday and Super Bowl Sunday! My most favorite Super Bowl memory is it was the day we came home from the hospital with Aiden.

By the time we got home is was evening and we were exhausted from the extra days we had to stay at the hospital with him. I remember Cam going to get dinner and Aiden and I snuggling on the couch watching the game. Such a precious memory :)

This year it was time to party! I mean you only turn 9 once am I right???!!!

Last year after a little bit of a stressful time planning the boys parties...I decided no more big friend parties. This year we are opting for big family parties and then taking the boys and their best friend to do something special. Aiden chose to take 2 of his buddies from school to go and see the Spongebob Movie (comes out next weekend) so this weekend was all about family time! I have to say this felt very liberating for me. No stress on planning the perfect party, no stress on what kids were actually going to come. The whole process was perfect! 

my last minute planned cupcakes turned out so cute! The footballs are actually cards...I just taped them together so there was a football on the front and back then taped to a cake pop stick.

Everyone had a great time and Aiden got to be surrounded by all the people that love him the most!

In love with this pic! Ha! He was serious about blowing out that candle ;)

And Sissy approves of the cupcake choice!


  1. Happy Birthday Aiden (1 day late ;) ) We love you and are glad you had a great day!!! P.S. His gift from us should arrive today :)