Sunday, February 1, 2015

9 years old

Today my little (not so little) Aiden is turning 9! I seriously can hardly believe it. Ahhh...hold me!

I just absolutely adore the person Aiden is. He was the perfect baby...never cried, was always happy and a perfect sleeper. He was an equally perfect toddler...I mean I can think of maybe 2 times in his whole toddler hood that were hard. He is just great and has always been :)

He's such a dreamer which is one of my fav qualities about him. He has the best imagination and when he tells me stories all I think of is what an awesome adult he will be one day. He is loving, sweet, very sympathetic and while most boys his age has a rough side...he doesn't. 

I love you my sweet Aiden. You made me a mom 9 years ago today. These last 9 years have been the best of my life!


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