Wednesday, January 28, 2015

the truth about the stone at Escondido

I am so in love with the way our house is looking. It truly is my dream home and every time I see a new step finished makes me fall in love with it even more. It seriously is breathtaking!

I love this stone. When Cameron and I were in deco it was so hard picking some of the things for the house...stone being one. They hand you different boards with a stone pattern on it and say "Okay now which one do you want?" There are about 4 pieces of stone on each board so to say picking one out was hard is the understatement of the year! I kind of took over and convinced Cameron to pick out a certain stone that I thought would fit the feel of the house even though it wasn't necessarily his first pick. Happy wife happy life right?! ;)


this is not the stone I picked. I know it with everything inside me this is not the stone I picked. I can drive around the neighborhood and point out the stone I picked and this is 100% not it.

The good news...

I like this one a million times more then the one I picked. Cameron has become pretty close with our contractor Sam. Back about a month and a half ago on the street around the corner, they were putting up stone on a house. I fell in love with that stone. I asked Cam if he thought we could switch our stone to which he just laughed and said no. So I gave up my dream of my favorite stone and assured myself that I would love what we picked. Cam mentioned to Sam how I really liked that stone but that we never saw it so it must have been an upgraded stone to which he replied yes. Fast forward to Monday when they started putting up the stone. Cameron sent me a picture of it to which I immediately replied that's the stone I wanted!!!!!! Not the stone we picked!!!!!! I think Sam changed the order and I couldn't be happier with it. Will he ever admit it...probably not. He could get in trouble I'm sure. Do I care...not at all! I'm so head over heels with how gorgeous our house looks my heart could explode!

So there my friends is the truth about the stone at Escondido House :)

Have a happy hump day!


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