Sunday, January 4, 2015

new traditions

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

I have to say I absolutely love a new year! It's a time to start fresh and get ready for all the exciting (and let's be honest some not so exciting) things that are about to happen. Every year I make a few resolutions or plans and while that is quite fun this year I want to do something different. This year I'm choosing a word for me to strive to achieve in the new year and a bible verse as a motto for our family.

My word is Listen.

I am going to really listen to people when they talk to me. Look them in the eye so they know that I am hearing what they are saying. Especially my kids. A few weeks ago one of my favorite blogs wrote an article ( that really spoke to me. I "listen" to my kids all day. I mean seriously sometimes I feel like they never stop talking. But I am usually "listening" to them while I'm cleaning, or cooking or dealing with another child. This year I am going to stop and look at them when they talk to me and actually be engaged in what they are saying. Because whatever they are telling me is usually very important to them. Who cares if it's a story about Minecraft that I don't even's important to Aiden. Or baseball stats on a game played 3 years ago with players I've never heard's important to Asher. I'm putting my life on hold and listening. If that means I lose a little me time in the evening finishing up stuff around the house that will be fine. I literally use to crave that evening time as if I lost even 1 minute my life would be over. I would tell the boys goodnight and race out of their room before they could start a story because I had to have my time. How silly is that? Aiden is almost 9...just a few years (I'm sure) from not even wanting me to put him to sleep. I'll be begging him to tell me something about his day. I'm going to cherish these years with my kids because there will be plenty of me time in the future.

I look forward to slowing down. One thing being sick at Christmas showed me was how much can be missed by having to take the perfect picture, or making sure the breakfast is picture perfect. I mean who really cares if there are Santa shaped pancakes? 

This year is going to be great. I cannot wait for all the amazing things we have in store for this year. Our family has been beyond blessed and for that I am forever thankful.

This is our verse for our family this year. A way that we can live and encouragement we can always have in our hearts. To help remind us how small we are in this world and who is really in control of our lives. I am printing this verse and hanging it in the new house in a place we always see. A place where everyone will walk past and be reminded on how we will strive to live.

Happy 2015 everyone. This is going to be the best year yet! 


  1. "Listen" That's a good one! Mine is "freedom". Freedom from what others think of my life and only focusing on God's will for my family!