Monday, January 12, 2015

in between moments

In between shopping for the new house and counting down the days till March 31st  we are

Snuggling in bed with cousins who spend the night

Playing at the park with friends on nice winter days

Feeding ducks at the park with Papa

Then taking a long nature walk/scooter ride.

And even though we have been blessed with some gorgeous unseasonal weather, we still have our fair share of cold days

So we break out the hot chocolate

And get Grandpa to build a fire so we can roast marshmallows
living at Papa and Grandpa's definitely has it's perks ;)

 Eat breakfast fire side because the kitchen is just WAY too cold

Snuggle in bed when a certain 2 kiddos can't fall asleep

Play the opening game of basketball season and am assigned to guard what we loving named "Baby Shaq" ;)

I mean look at that kid! Aiden guarded him like a boss (insert fist bump)

Try out a new dance class! 
which made me fall in love with her all over again!

And bake cakes with papa for no reason at all!

Life is goodie goodie gumdrops right now!

House Update:
The only work that was done last week due to cold and rainy weather and waiting for stucco to dry, was the bathtubs were installed. We are hoping that despite a few rainy days more can get done this week!


  1. These are GREAT pictures and make me miss y'all so much! Can't wait until your house is finished and we can come visit!!!