Friday, January 9, 2015

house name

I want to name our new home. I am SO tired of calling it the new house. It's so much more to us then that. I want to have a name for it and make a sign with that name and proudly display it. So I've been searching and googling names for homes and surprisingly it's pretty popular to name your home. 

Here are things about our home that I love:

  • the view
  • the trees
  • the location
  • the land
  • the very cool, funky shaped climbing tree out front
  • the sunset view
  • the fact that it's our home we designed together for our family

Of course there are so many other things but these are my standout favorites. I can vividly remember the day Cameron drove me out to the lot he liked and I immediately fell in love and knew it was where our home would be. So I've been looking for names that would incorporate these things. Here is my list so far...

Escondido (the street it's on. It mean hidden and because our house is kind of hidden behind trees I think it's cool. Kids do not like though)

Valley View 

Ardmore (in Irish it means home with view...well at least that's what I found online)

Oak View 

Friendly Oaks


Camp Comfort

Ohana Home (Ohana means family and it comes from the boys favorite movie Lilo and Stitch)

These are just a few I've been pondering. Would take any suggestions :)

I'll leave you some inspiration!