Thursday, January 8, 2015

homework room

The homework room is one of my most favorite parts of our house. Ever since the boys started school, we never had a place where they can sit and do homework. Sometimes they did it at the kitchen table, sometimes the dining room table, sometimes the desk in our old room and sometimes upstairs in their room. I've been wanting a designated place for them to be able to go for awhile. That was one of the things that I loved about Escondido's (our temporary new house name until I find the perfect name) floorplan.

I love that this room is by the kitchen and living so that they won't be too far from me when they need help.

I love that it's going to have wood floors and an awesome light fixture.

I love that there are 2 big, beautiful windows.

Most of all I love that there are french door with full glass panes. They can go in there and get their work done, with the doors closed but still feel part of whatever might be going on (most likely me cooking and Sissy playing).

Last weekend my parents took the kids for a day of fun so Cameron and I took advantage of an afternoon with only 1 child and went furniture window shopping. Our first stop was World Market where we pretty much found all the furniture we want for the homework room! Yay!

Desk and chair. We are thinking 2 desks so there is plenty of work space and room for the computer.

Cameron has ALWAYS wanted a drafting table. I mean always, since he was in high school always. When he saw this one he was a little head over heels for it. Asher is quite the artist so we figure he will love having this table as well.

Here are some cute wall hangings I love and then a bookshelf that we might or might not get...not sure yet.

At the boy's school there are words that they use as a way to model your life. I love these words and so do the boys. I want to hang them around the room using a mix of wooden letters, prints, metal letters, chalkboards...just fun ways to encourage them!

Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Open-Minded, Reflective, Thinkers, Risk-Takers, Principled, Caring, Communicators and Balanced

Shouldn't we all try to model these words? :)

Cameron and I are just SO excited about Escondido! He went out Sunday and spent hours out there measuring every room...every wall height and length and then drew them to scale in a notebook. When he got home we talked about all the furniture we had looked at and he drew them to scale in the room. Isn't he the bomb dot com ;)

This is how we are imagining it to look. The windows are super tall so having the draft able in front of the windows won't matter. The view won't be blocked.

In other news on the home front, we found out from the contractor that the date they are currently looking at for us to close is March 31st! If I'm being honest, I'm a little disappointed it's not sooner. I was so hoping that it would be during spring break which is the second full week of March. Lately the weather here has been wet and nasty so that's causing a small delay and pushing us back a little. Oh's all in God's hands and he always seems to know what our family needs :)


  1. Your homework room is going to be AWESOME! What a neat idea!

  2. Love, love, love it!!! I've been working a lot at designing a craft and homework room in our huge basement family room for the kids and I love the furniture you found! I wish we had a dedicated room for it as well.