Tuesday, December 2, 2014

we moved, it looks like a house and more...

I will never move again.

I will never move over a holiday weekend again.

Famous last words right? ;)

Last Friday we moved out of our home and in with my parents. Last Saturday the movers came and moved all our belongings into storage. So that's where we are right now. Thanksgiving was the last day at our house. We woke up, watched the parade in front of the fireplace and just enjoyed being together one last time. Then we got dressed and took a family photo outside the house. 
I love that it looks like the house is winking at us with that one shade pulled close ;)

The home that 11 years ago a young newlywed couple moved into with such a bright future. The home where 3 children were brought to only days old. The home where those children grew and our whole family grew with more love then that young couple could have ever imagined. This home protected us and watched us grow and allowed us to make so many memories. I will forever love this home and I will never forget 107 Windmill Cove as one of the happiest places I ever lived. I hope my kids one day drive by it and have fond memories of the time we spent there.

But we must move forward. And that we are doing. 

After we took the picture we drove out to the new house. As we walked around the new house I just felt happy and excited. I pictured us scurrying around in a year from then getting everything ready to host our first holiday. It's exciting seeing our future in this home. I seriously cannot wait. Before we left to head over to my sister's for Thanksgiving we took another family photo...this time in front of our future home. 

We have so much to be thankful for this year. A year ago I would have never believed you if you told me this is where we would be.

Last Saturday after we got everything moved we drove out to the new house again. This time we were pleasantly surprised it actually looked like a house!

seriously could this picture be any more perfect :)

Here is walking in the house

Homework Room on the right off entry hallway

Looking into the kitchen and eating room (on left) from the living room

Looking into the living room from the kitchen

Master bedroom

More living room


Upstairs living

Balcony that overlooks living

Looking over balcony

Cameron met with the contractor and he said we are right on schedule to close in March. AHHH!!!!!!!!! It could seriously not get here soon enough :)

We are also thinking the entire outside of the home will be finished by the end of this year. Let's pray for good weather!

As for living with my parents so far it's been pretty great! I helped my Dad set up his new TV and Sunday we decorated the house for Christmas. If I had to live anywhere while we waited for the new house I am so happy and lucky it gets to be in the house I lived in many years ago as a young girl with such big dreams. And thanks to my best friend and partner in crime all those dreams are becoming a reality :)