Monday, December 15, 2014

we have a front door!

It's just a temporary front door but for us it's pretty exciting ;) Now when you walk around the house it feels like a home with all the windows and doors. Well, almost all the windows. Each of the kids were suppose to have really small windows but once we picked our lot and saw how beautiful the upstairs views were we changed the plans and ordered a bigger window. Those were however ordered wrong so now we wait for the new order of windows to come in.

Other then that everything is going great. The AC duct work was done and the furnace was installed.

looking up at the living room ceiling

Back door was installed (this is the real door)

Fireplace installed (Asher's thought it was a TV) lol!

And the trim was painted outside. I LOVE the color! Cannot wait to see the stone and stucco.

We went out Sunday afternoon. We thought it was suppose to be nice weather wise but it was humid and rainy. The kids still had a blast picking up leftover pieces of stuff and beating things with it. They crack me up!

Milly loves running around. She will run off and then yell "help Daddy" and Daddy has to go and save her ;)

And my favorite pic from the loves and I. 

I think this is the best picture we've ever taken as the 4 of us. I just truly love being a's the best isn't it? I love how one minute I can gush over how perfect they are and then a few seconds later they can make me madder then any human on this planet ;) Ha! But when it's all said and done my heart could literally explode from how much I love them :)

This life is SO amazing! 


  1. It's really coming together fast!!! And I LOVE the last picture! Makes my heart happy!