Friday, December 5, 2014

the in between moments

So because we sold our home so fast and were homeless, my wonderful parents let us move in. I was a little nervous about the 5 of us coming into a home with 2. Thankfully my parents are awesome and everything has been great! Better then I ever could have imagined. I mean seriously what could me more fun then having Christmas with your family in the house you grew up in. 

Here's what we've been up to

Cuddling by the Christmas tree
be still my heart :)

Giving ourselves "tadoos" while mommy unpacks

Taking selfies while waiting in carline for the boys

Playing with toys we forgot about
he has a shirt for hat! lol

Overall life has been pretty great...hectic but great. I mean who wouldn't feel lucky to spend all day with this little cutie :)

She jumped up in Asher seat and said "buckle mommy" then gave me this goofy grin. Quit trying to grow up so fast on my sissy ;)

Oh and we made a stop at the new house today and voila!

I'm thinking this means we could have shingles soon! Yippee!


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