Friday, December 19, 2014

i love this day

and it's just started ;)

One of my favorite days of the year is the last day of school before Winter Break for the kiddos. They get to wear PJ's to school, which every year has become a tradition that they get a new pair for school. When they were little I would buy them tons of jammies...I just loved how cute they were. As they have gotten older the pretty much sleep in old tshirts and boxers. And let's be honest, I would NEVER send them to school in that. So after Thanksgiving they are already planning on what kind of new PJ's they want. This year Ash went with a UT theme and Aiden (no surprise) picked something blue. This is the first year some kind of cartoon character has not been involved. 

And for your viewing pleasure. 

It's just not a real series of pictures without one of Asher's classic weird smiles ;)

So...back to my favorite day...

Cameron gets off work early, brings me lunch and then we head off to the boy's Christmas parties at school. Their school has some very strict rules, one being that parents are not allowed in the classroom. So I love and always look forward to the 3 parties they have a year where we can be involved. It's always fun seeing them in their school environment with their friends. 

We usually leave a little early and head off to the mall to see Santa and do a little Christmas shopping. The evening always ends with a yummy dinner out and maybe driving around and looking at Christmas lights. I'm so excited to see how little Sissy reacts to Santa ;) Last year it slowly went from liking him to hating the sight of him! ha! Tis the season.

And to top off my favorite day, this morning I went by the house to see we had shingles!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!

So much has been going on there this week...electrical, cable, phone, alarm wiring, framing being finished, roof and the last of the windows arrived. We also had a little surprise when the loan company called and said we needed to get some paperwork done because they were told we might be ready to close on February 28th!!!!! Holy Moly...that's a month sooner then we were expecting! I will pass out if this is true ;)


  1. Cute jammies! and the house is looking AWESOME!