Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas tradition day 3

Visiting Santa!!!!!!!!!

I mean seriously what is a Christmas season without the classic Santa pic ;)

I was a little worried about how Sissy would react to Santa this year so we started talking it up beginning of December. We looked at pictures of Santa, watched movies with  Santa and little miss was SO excited to go see him. She would say "Santa, Santa" over and over. Even after we stood in line for what seemed like f.o.r.e.v.e.r. as we turned the corner and she saw him she was still so excited. 

Then we started walking towards him.

And let's just say all that excitement turned to fear...

Ha! Poor baby girl was not at all thrilled to see Santa or be anywhere around him. Now when we say "do you want to see Santa" she quickly replies "no no Santa, no no Santa friend" ;)

Her outfit was adorable though so I just had to share :)

shirt: Crazy 8
Boots: Stride Rite

Poor Sissy...maybe next year. The boys, on the other hand, we thrilled! They couldn't wait to tell Santa all they want for Christmas. Asher's list was that a teenager might ask for...Golden Beats headphones ($250) an iphone ($100) and ipad ($350). After he told Santa, Santa looked at me like good luck ;) Needless to say we have prepared him that Santa might not be bringing any of those things so a much less more age appropriate list was made as well.

As a kid my parents made Santa and Christmas morning so special for us. I always looked forward to having my own children and keeping the spirit and magic alive for them. I love how excited, even at almost 9 years old, Aiden gets when he sees Santa. In his heart he truly believes which makes my heart happy. I'm not sure how many more years we will have, heck this could even be the last, with all the kids believing but trust me when I say I am cherishing each one.

As with the pj's pictures I set out the Santa pictures every year to look at. This year I don't get to see those either. I'm really kicking myself for not pulling that stuff out! Here are a few that I dug up off my computer and instagram from past Santa visits.






2007... the year Aiden wouldn't sit on Santa's lap ;)

I love how back then I wouldn't have imagined letting my screaming child sit on his lap. 3 kids later I just throw them up there and yell "take the picture!" Ha! Oh how times have changed ;)

Only 2 more days of traditions! Ahh...Christmas is almost here!!!!!!!!!!


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