Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Now that the sign is up I think it's safe to say we sold our house. After only 22 days on the market we got an all cash offer (lower then our asking) that we just couldn't refuse. So here we are only 19 days away from moving out of the only house our family has ever known. The house we became a family in. I'm sad, happy, anxious, excited and a million different emotions all wrapped up in me. I honestly thought I would be more sad then I feel but I am just so overwhelmingly excited about the new house. I go out there multiple times a week to see the progress and I just cannot wait to move in. For the time being we are moving in with my parents. Luckily they have lots of space for us and are excited for us to be coming. I also think it will be fun living there over the holidays. So the packing really begins and with Cameron's long work days I will be doing the majority of it on my own. Pray for me ;)

I drove out to the new house today and they are putting in the upstairs flooring. I'm hoping we will have walls and a roof by this time next week!


  1. Wonderful news! And I can't believe how fast your new house is coming along! Call me soon, we need to catch up!!!!